We have finished our session with lots of info about problem solving, getting to know our cohort of 36 men and women are all just as nervous and excited as I am. We are a pretty dynamic group and I can’t wait to get to k own them better.

The latter part of the session was logistics and receiving our passports specific to the Peace Corps.

We will wake up at 1:30 in the morning and board the bus at 2 AM and travel to New York where we get on the big big bird at 10:30 and take off for South Africa. Upon arrival will take another bus for couple hours and basically just chill out at the training site.

We will be fairly off the grid but John🐖 will be notified of our safe landing and has agreed to pass that around. Is soon as I can contact you back home I will. I got a whole lots to learn!

Signing out Dawn

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