January 20th

Hi Friends and family!

I thought I’d let you know how to get in touch with me while I’m in Peace Corps. I will not know what my final destination village is until I’m in South Africa and have finished my 3 month training, which will be comprised of 10 days in a small teaching college. The remainder of the training time I will be living with an undisclosed host family and electricity could be spotty and so might access to internet. Peace Corps indicated that my permanent post will be in Limpopo Provence or Mpumalanga Provence, both of which are in the north east part of South Africa.

Letters will be so very welcome and I will be looking forward to getting some cards and letters to cheer me up on the homesick days. Care packages are expensive but so very much appreciated as well. Some of the things that people like to get is hard candy, Starbucks instant packs, girly things, art stuff, and pictures of you! I know this sounds nuts but if you write Jesus Saves, Jesus is Love, or better yet a picture or sticker of the Lord, packages won’t be as likely to get stolen. No joke, this works…but we knew that.

I leave for staging in NYC on the 25th of January and we all leave as a group (37) to SA on the 26th. I am aiming on returning to the states for a visit next Christmas time. I’m allowed to leave site and travel after my first 3 months in my village, around end of July which is winter in ZA. Please come for a visit and we can do some fun African things together in and out of country. I will have vacation days!

Here is my mailing contact at Peace Corps:

Dawn Korman

Peace Corps PO Box 9536 Pretoria 0001 South Africa



And once I start vlogging that address will be:


(It took me 3 hours to figure youtube out. Smh) Much Love,

5 Replies to “January 20th”

  1. I will be following you, my friend. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen you so we will have to reconnect the old fashioned way through letters! Much love and luck to you as you embark on this incredible journey 💞


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